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Monday, June 28, 2010

8:00am VEPg John (Pathfinder) Lester
John is so extraordinarily aligned with the spiritual and the innovative that his remarks provided the perfect opening to our event. I want to go on record thanking him for his support of educators in 3d worlds and for his inspirational appearance on short notice. You can follow John on Twitter to stay connected...Thank you, John!- scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 1, 2010
8:30am VEPg Andrew Wheelock and Carmalita Bieniek-Two Worlds Collide: SLoodle, Moodle, and Second Life
Presentation HERE
9:00am VEPg Noreen Strehlow--Art Resources on ReactionGrid- I was so pleased to meet Noreen irl (in real life) and to benefit from her sharing. I was most impressed with how she's basically stored many of her classroom teaching tools in functional and pretty buildings on her PESD Island build in Reaction Grid and has them available for ready access and projection within any classroom she's teaching in, K-12. Her observation that Kindergarten attentiveness is greatly enhanced when their teacher is an avatar is classic. - scottmerrick scottmerrick Art Resource Blog
9:30am VEPg Westley Field--Skoolaborate!
10:00am VEPg Noreen Strehlow--The ReactionGrid: BRING THE KIDS! Noreen leads the way in creative ways to create and learn. Loved the math resources, and the Willy Wonka Stage.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010 PESD Island Blog
10:30am VEPg John Miller--Roleplays, Patient Simulations in Second Life Nursing Education
John Miller is the pioneer in online medical simulations and his MUVE Market video was also shared in the "Distance Learning Comes of Age" panel discussion session. One cannot view that video without walking away with an exponentially heightened understanding of the potentials for 3D worlds to enhance understanding and to support skill and mastery in any field. (Disclaimer--John is a dear friend of mine and I'm a huge fan of his work--most everything you'll see in medical innovation in SL and beyond draws from it, whether acknowledged or not)- scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 1, 2010 Great meeting John and seeing his great work. Since I come from a medical family this was a great new frontier.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
11:00am VEPg Susan Toth-Cohen--Project-based learning for health and wellness exhibits
1:30am VEPg Cathy Walker--My Second Life - A Series of Small Acts, Little Rebellions, and a Small Revolution
12:00pm VEPg Shenlei Winkler--Using OpenSim for Mirror World Education: Butterflies, Battlefields and Fashion Design Shenlei has such an amazing eye for beauty- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010 I got called away and missed much of Shenlei's presentation, but she did share this press release about her upcoming grant opportunity with me. Check it out for over $7,000 worth of content given with the participant selection: - scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 5, 2010
12:30pm VEPg ChrisG Techsan TX st. tech college sys. and VUSHI
1:00pm VEPg Wanda Hardy (Blu Heron)--Where in the Metaverse is Denver, Colorado? Great stuff Blu! Fantastic meeting and chatting.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
1:30pm VEPg James Stibbards--Scripting
2:00pm VEPg Claudia L'Amoreaux on "Your Greatest Challenges in the Virtual World Space"
Claudia L'Amoreaux was a cornerstone element of Linden Labs growth in educational content, serving as LL's Education Community Manager (or some variation of that role) for 4 years. As many of us entered Second Life, Claudia became our friend and counselor, always looking out for ISTE, as well as the myriad other organizations and initiatives that self-germinated and blossomed in the momma of all virtual worlds. As Claudia Linden, she served us well, though it was clear to those of us who worked closely with her that her first priority was commercial, and that she walked that razor's edge between community service and corporate profit daily. Now, as Cyberneticia Cela, Claudia has returned to what she was doing when she was tapped for Linden Lab, educational consulting with a clearly holistic and spiritual bent (see LearningConversations . At her presentation, she deftly avoided responding to questions about Linden Lab's future, instead engaging the audience (voice on her end, sitting in the audience at Red Rocks, and text from Denver and in the SL audience) in a dialog surrounding the participants greatest challenges in learning and teaching in Virtual Worlds. I'm sure that someone has the text chat and will upload it to share here. It will partly disclose the richness of the dialog, but as they say, "there's nuttin' like bein' there." I am grateful that I was there and that Claudia took time during a clearly transitional time in her career to share with us. We wish her well. (NEW! Here's the chat log, provided by Claudia! - scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 5, 2010
2:30pm VEPg Jessica Brogley--Second Life for n00bies- Jessica really gave a thoughtful and humorous look at the life of a n00bie.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
3:00pm VEPg Patio Plasma (SPLO and Exploratorium)
3:30pm VEPg Jenaia Morane and Marty Snowpaw--the Virtual Worlds Story Project

Tuesday, June 29

9:00am VEPg Marianne Malmstrom (Knowclue)- "Reel" Learning in Virtual Spaces- Knowclue is a marvel. So passionate and knowledgeable.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010. Marianne has contributed bucketloads to this wiki, most of the video resources, in fact, and there is much much more at her amazing . Thank you, dear friend!- scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 11, 2010
9:30am VEPg Marie Booz-Mandie Mimulus-VSTE Build- Marie and crew have done such a great job with VSTE and the Jamestown build. Nice to revisit all their accomplishments- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
10:00am VEPg -- Spiff- Looking for a Revolution- Presentation HERE
10:30am VEPg Max Chatnoir -- Genome Island- Really interesting, want to learn more- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010 I used the cat family section of Genome Island when I had to sub for a 7th grade science class. I showed up as an avatar and had them in the palm of my hand for the whole class. Thank You for Genome Max! (Noreen Strehlow)
11:00am VEPg Ellen Nosal--Stagecoach Island: Wells Fargo in Active Worlds- I really liked and enjoyed this. HS economics taught in a fun and unique way! DEFINITELY. Need to pass this on to friends!- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
Ellen's done some fantastic work here and it needs to be shared widely. If you didn't get one of her stellar print pieces I'm sure that she would be happy to mail you one upon request. There are two video trailers here and a richly populated blog here . - scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 4, 2010
11:30am VEPg Monika Monk--Teaching ESL in Second Life- Monika is so incredible sweet and knowledgeable you can't resist listening to her with fascination and awe.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
12:00pm VEPg Kyle and Robin Gomboy -- ReactionGrid- Kyle and Robin have not only created a new world for VE education but their vision for using this tool for education comes across as so authentic.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
When Kyle hadn't shown up for his session, I skyped him and we carried his voice for the remainder of his one hour session. We saw an amazing visualization of the birth of the universe that utilized the HUGE prim capabilities in Open Simulator to make visual a complex algorithm theorizing an explanation for that event. We visited the 1931 World's Fair recreation, Noreen Strehlow's fabulous PESD Island art resources, Kelly Irish's "My Michigan" student-made pioneer village, and finally the ISTE NET-S in 3D on ISTE Islands in ReactionGrid.- scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 4, 2010
Kyle and Chris, two of the owners of ReactionGrid, took us on a fantastic tour of innovative learning spaces in their platform, with voice coming in over Skype from Florida and Boston. If you're not in RG, get your avatar at and per Kyle's heads-up look for enhancements in the HyperGrid interface over the coming few weeks.- scottmerrick scottmerrick
Here are a few of the places we visited (Note that you have to use these inworld in ReactionGrid in chat or it will bring you to the Second Life map. ):

PESD PESD/128/128/2
Wizzy Wizzy/128/128/2
MyMichigan MyMichigan/128/128/2
CSI CSI%20Greenbush/86/119/21
1:00pm VEPg Maximo Eames Focus on Faculty - Universidad San Martin de Porres (Peru)
1:30pm VEPg James Stibbards--Shared Media-Viewer 2
2:00pm VEPg Gentle Heron on Accessible Education in Second Life
Gentle's presentation was a high point in a lofty three day experience. She is unquestionably knowledgeable and eloquent in her advocacy for accessibility in both the "real" world and the new real worlds we are creating in virtual environments. One experienced ISTE member remarked that her session was the best he had seen at the entire conference. I count it a blessing to have met her and to carry her message from her event into my own future design and work.- scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 4, 2010
external image ISTE June 29 2010gentleheron.ppt
3:00pm VEPg Amy Whener--Language Education in Second Life- This has such powerful possibilities, would love to see more!- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
3:30pm VEPg Cindy Burton--Basic Building in Second Life--(was moved to Wed. and shortened) Way to go Cindy. As an amateur builder you made it seem so simple. Need to get back to working on it- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
Wednesday, June 30
9:00am VEPg Rosalie and America (FLWVM)- What a great way to see the splendor of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
9:30am VEPg Kalyan Chattopadhya--Designing an Oral Communication Skills Course in SL. When Kalyan hadn't checked in by 10 minutes past his start time we made an executive decision to have Peggy Sheehy share some WoW with the Denver audience, then as I understand it he went ahead and presented in Second Life at Red Rocks to the assembled there. It was one of the only two real presentation failures of the three day series, but in the sense that we got two presentations at once, it turned out well. I am sorry that Denver didn't benefit from this UK higher education practitioner's experiences. - scottmerrick scottmerrick Jul 4, 2010
10:00am VEPg Bronwyn Stuckey with Dr. Sasha Barab--Leveraging Gaming for Legitimate Learning on a Global Scale- Bron is such a powerful force for our VE group. Sasha brings such credibility and what we all need for fighting the VE wars, data and research. Thanks to both- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation.png lookingforward.pptx
external image lookingforward.ppt
11:00am VEPg Margaret Beata Czart from 3rd Rock Grid in OpenSimulator- Hadn't seen this. Signed up for an account while I was watching!- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
The 3rd Rock Grid Community is in the process of developing a headquarters for SIGVE on the Stowa Way sim (3rd Rock Grid: Margaret Dashwood; Margaret Czart). Below is a preliminary picture of the new home.

11:30am VEPg Bernajean Porter and Peggy Sheehy on Ramapo Story World in Teen Second Life- Bernajean, and Peggy always inspire, but this work really made me think, and brought tears to my eyes. Now that is a powerful presentation- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
12:00pm VEPg April Hayman, Instructional Designer, ISTE Professional Development in Virtual Worlds- Yeah ISTE, keep up the good work.- awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010
12:30pm VEPg Cynthia Calogne and friends WoW Demo, PLN and Possibilities for Learning- Nice work Cindy! Loved having Peggy and the young WOW user with you as well. - awheelock awheelock Jul 3, 2010